Navapolatsk police and KGB search the apartments of the local opposition activists

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 21 February the local opposition activists searched apartments of several local opposition activists. The public activist Aliaxei Trubkin said to the Human Rights Center Viasna that the police searched his apartment, the apartments of the BPF Party members Anatol Kakhanchyk and of an activist Dzianis Saldatsenka, and the private office that belongs to the local human rights activist Zmitsier Salauiou.
The searches took place within criminal investigations instituted by terms of Part 1 Article 367 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus (defamation of the President of the Republic of Belarus). What is interesting is that the search warrant has been issued by Minsk City Procurator Staravoitau, and the Minsk City Procurator’s Office investigator D.Skarabut investigating the case.
The searches occurred in the presence of witnesses, who, according to Aliaxei Trubkin, were BPYU functionaries from Polatsk Universtity and KGB officials from Minsk. First of all, the special service and police representatives were interested in printed materials. They confiscated from the activist Trubkin books, newspapers, ID cards of the BLA and BPF membership and other materials.
According to the police, all of these materials will be sent to Minsk “for investigation”.
Now, the search is taking place in the private office of the human rights activist Zmitsier Salauiou