The members of youth movements inform that they experience significant pressure from the side of the authorities

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In Zhodzina, Barysau, Vaukavysk, Salihorsk, and other town the activists of youth movements are summonsed to the police stations and threatened by the dismissal of their parents. Their flats are searched. But the activists of the movements are convinced that all these events show that changes are coming to the country.
Five representatives of unregistered youth organizations are detained and put to a special detention center in Akrestsin street. The activists of the Young Front Paveu Figurin, Aleh Korban, and Barys Haradzetski spend their 10-day imprisonment for participation in the action of Solidarity that took place On February 16. Aleh Miatselitsa and Iauhen Afnagel from Zubr were sentenced to 15-day imprisonment, but the latter was detained 3 days before the action. They were accused of disorderly conduct. The same article was used against the members of the Young Front before the referendum of 2004. The situation tends to repeat One of the activists of the Young Front expressed the general thought: “The authorities want to show that we are like sheep, all of us are drunkards and drug users and we are paid for participation by western governments.
The activists of the Young Front Artur Finkievich and Zmitstier Kaspiarovich are now at the detention center. They accused of disorderly conduct. Artur painted “We want something new” on his fence and Zmitser was detained for removing the state flag from the building of the City Executive Committee. The criminal case against Kaspiarovich is transferred to the Maskouski Borough Court. Zmitser feels sick and his mother is worried about the state of his health.
Mother of Iauhen Afnahel also send medicines to her son. He has an acute attack of radiculitis.
Some of the members of youth movements gave a written undertaking not to leave the city. Paveu Krasouski, the leader of Zhodzina branch of the Young Front and the leader of Milinkevich election headquarters is accused of insulting an officer. The members of Zubr from Barysau Aliaksandr Kazakou and Zmitser Zubro and the member of the Young Front Aliaksei Ianusheuski are detained for political graffiti. The criminal case initiated against the members of Zubr Aliaksandr Kazakou and Zmitser Zubro by terms of Article 363 of the Criminal Code ( Resistance to the police officers or another person responsible for public order) will be considered on February 23.