A plan against the involvement of students in non-governmental organizations is approved in Mahiliou

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The head of Mahiliou Kuliashou State University Kanstantsin Bandarenka approved the plan on “preventive measures on involvement of student in … non-governmental organizations”.
One of these days the copy of this document was taken to the editorial board of еру belngo.info portal. It is evident from the copy that the document was approved in January. The plan is going to be fulfilled during 2006-2008 by the ideological and educational department, deans, chairmen, and the BRUY committee. The deans and deputy deans have already been instructed during special meetings during which prevention of the students' participation in the opposition political activities were considered.
Among the activities that had been planned are the "annual internal monitoring of the political and social vies of the students of Kuliashou MSU”. According to he results of such monitoring the ideological and educational department is going to prepare "appropriate recommendations". It is also necessary to “reveal social groups of students who need special attention in connection with their desire to participate in the activities of unregistered youth organizations (political and religious), and work with such students individually”. It is necessary to reveal such students constantly and the work should be performed by the deans, their deputies, the supervisors of students groups, and dormitory curators.
A number of events is going to be arranged to bring the students up as “law-abiding people” and teach them “to withstand the destructive influence”. The form of the events includes round tables, conferences, meetings, and quizzes. The newspaper Univiersitetski viesnik and instructors of the University should actively participate in the process. The officers of law enforcement agencies will meet the students and instructors and speak about “how to prevent the students from active participation”.
According to the plan, an “appropriate and strict system of admitting students into dormitories and the University will be introduced”, the use of the Internet will be controlled. “To prevent spread of printed material without imprint and other illegal activities", it is planned to optimize the work of youth groups created by BRUY.
Special attention will be paid to students and instructors who are going abroad and the procedure of their departure will be held according to the established order. In case the University invites specialists from abroad to arrange educational and scientific programs, such specialists will be required to submit the evidence of their scientific and pedagogical activity.
But not only students are under supervision of those people who implements the new plan of Bandarenka. The instructors are under control. One more document of this University contains the following instructions: "The responsibility of the deans and chairmen for psychological environment should be increased. Antigovermental rhetoric and criticism should be prevented."
In the text of the enumerated events (23 in total) one can meet only one name, the name of a political scientist Zmitier Rahautsou. In the first quarter of 2006 the chair of political science and sociology together with the ideological and educational department is going to prepare and publish “methodological materials” by Z. Rahautsou called “Activity of oppositional youth organizations in the Republic of Belarus”.