The pressure on the opposition will continue because of the starting point of the agitation stage of the election campaign

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The Prosecutor’s Office of Oshmiany examines the signatures of the citizens who were mislead by the collector of signatures: They were collecting signatures for Milinkevich but introduced themselves as the members of the group of Aliaksandr Lukashenka.
On February 16, the members of the initiative group of Milinkevich Tatsiana Klimovich and Iauhen Nieviadomski were explaining their behavior. The senior assistant of the Prosecutor explained the members of the group that there were applications from citizens. In their applications these citizens asked to annul their signatures for Milinkevich because they were collected in a fraudulent way and now the Prosecutor’s Office examined the situation. The Prosecutor assistant refused to show the applications and give the names of the people who supplied these applications.
Tatsiana Klimovich was very angry because when people sign the list they can see the name of the candidate.
The leader of the district signature collection district center of Milinkevich informed Radio Liberty: “The pressure is not reduced because now the agitation stage of the election campaign is starting and people should be scared. That why they use such methods. Although the officers from the Prosecutor's Office show that they are not interested in such a dirty business".
We would like to remind you that 773 signatures were collected for Milinkevich and all of these signatures were annulled.