Bialystok, Poland: Editors of Niva, Weekly of Belarusian Minority, Are Tried

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

11 members of the program board are accused in violations in the accountancy. Today the procurator read the accusation. None of the accused took the blame. They state this case is politically motivated and is aimed against the Belarusian national minority in Poland. The sitting lasted for two hours, after which the procurator announced a break till 10 March. At the next sittings the court will interrogate the witnesses. It’s worth mentioning that the accusation has already thrice changed the procurator.

The chief editor of “Niva” Eugeniusz Wappa said:
-- One can accuse thousands of Polish NGOs with such charges. After such trials the activity of the members of such organization stops, which can have a negative impact on the public life in Poland. In general it seems the accusations were faked on someone’s order.