Vileika: Court Turns Up Complaint of Public Activists

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

According to RFE/RL

Mikalai Susla and Uladzimir Maliarchuk (leader of Vileika branch of the United Civil Party) sued to court against the administrative commission of Vileika District Executive Committee that fined them 145 000 rubles for “import of the printed production that insulted the honor and dignity of president”.

The administrative case against U. Maliarchuk and M. Susla was brought on 12 November. This day they handed out the informational bulletin about the Day of Solidarity with victims of political repression, 16th day of each month. The activists were detained by the police and the administrative commission fined them.

Judge Aleh Ivashkevich turned suit up. The democratic activists consider the decision of Vileika Town Court politically motivated.

-- I think if it was a normal court, all facts and evidence that we drew would be taken into consideration. The executive committee failed to draw any evidence that we violated the law, that’s why I believe such a court would take our side. However, in our case everything was decided even before the trial started, -- said Mikalai Susla.

By the way, according to Mikalai Susla, soon he can lose his job. The official pretext is that he refused to sign the order of Vileika housing economy plant concerning the imposing of additional working duties on him. In reality, he signed the order. Nevertheless, the chair of the ideological department of the housing economy Viktar Paulouski put the question of his dismissal on the agenda.