Chair of Aliaksandr Milinkevich’s Headquarters Summonsed to Procurator’s Office

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Siarhei Kaliakin, chair of the headquarters of the pretender to presidency of the united democratic forces Aliaksandr Milinkevich, received summons to the Procurator’s Office of the Republic of Belarus for 9 a.m. on 13 February for giving explanations concerning the press-conference of Mr. Kaliakin and the chair of Milinkevich’s initiative group Aliaksandr Bukhvostau that was held on 28 January.

During the conference Siarhei Kaliakin said:

-- From the side of the authorities we observe today obviously criminal action, crime in which there are involved heads of enterprises, administrations, executive organs, educational establishments and, which is the most dangerous, workers of the law machinery. Forced collection of signatures for Aliaksandr Lukashenka took place everywhere in the police and procurator’s offices, which is directly prohibited by the Electoral Code.

At this press conference Siarhei Kaliakin urged the Minister of Internal Affairs Uladzimir Navumau and Procurator General Piatro Miklashevich to take the side of the law and the Belarusian people and take measures to stop violations of the electoral legislation.

-- May be, the Procurator’s Office really wants to start dealing with violations of the electoral legislation. However, I don’t exclude the possibility of repetition of the situation that took place in 2004 - two weeks before the parliamentary election I gave publicity to the possible falsification in my election circuit, -- commented Siarhei Kaliakin. - I asked the law machinery to prevent it. However, instead they brought a criminal case against me for “defamation of president of Belarus”.