Henadz Radzetski, Collector of Signatures for Milinkevich, Punished in Hrodna

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 3 February Maryna Auseichyk, judge of Svislach District Court, fined the head of Svislach branch of the BPF Party Henadz Radzetski for alleged violation of part 3 of article 167 of the Code of Administrative Violations, pre-term agitation.

-- I simply collected signatures for Aliaksandr Milinkevich at the entrance of the local market and didn’t agitate anyone. I had a stand with the candidate’s portrait and CV. However, the court considered as agitation the inscriptions “Now we have hope” and “Now we have choice” as agitation, despite the fact that Milinkevich wasn’t even mentioned here. The court also pointed that the materials of the Congress of Democratic Forces were also placed to the stand. However, this is the information that was published in the mass media and even Lukashenka spoke of it at the state TV. Acting in such a way, it is possible to find violations anywhere, -- said H. Radzetski.