Vitsebsk: Zubr Activist Liubou Kuchynskaia Is Pressurized by Administrative of Veterinary Academy

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

According to RFE/RL

The second-year student of Vitsebsk Veterinary Academy Liubou Kuchynskaia said to RFE/RL that since the time when the academy administration became aware of her oppositional activity, she was given unsatisfactory marks and it wasn’t permitted to her to retake the exams.

At present 10-grade scale is used in Belarus. During the last session the average mark she received at exams was 8 and she received a higher scholarship. According to Ms. Kuchynskaia, she missed an exam during the present session because of illness. She intended to retake the second exam because the examiner was going to give her the mark that she considered too low. At the third exam she received a “1”, because the examiners thought she cribbed. The student wasn’t allowed to retake the exams during the session, which can result in her remand from the academy. By the way, according to Kuchynskaia, in January 2005, after the academy administration found oppositional stickers in her room, the rector threatened to expel her from the academy.