In Rechytsy they set fire to a car owned by the Fralou team

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 23 January in the morning in Rechytsy there occurred a fire in the garage, where the car of Alieh Shabietnik, the district coordinator of the initiative group of Valiery Fralou was. On that day the members of the initiative group had planned to take to the local territorial commission the signatures collected in the district, but as they came to the car kept in a garage rented for the night they saw fire trucks outside, putting out the fire.
The firefighters said that that was arson because the wiring was ok.
Alieh Shabietnik together with Leanid Nievar, an activist of the businessmen’s movement, a coordinator of the initiative group of Fralou for Homel Region, informed the local procurator of the accident. They said that the arson committed is revenge for their active political work. Mr. Nievar, in particular, said: “What happened to Shabietnik today is a political order. A part of the task they had set themselves is complete. A member of our initiative group, who had been collecting signatures, refuses to go and get them registered".
Lieanid Nievar also said that a group of emergency department officials with Lieutenant Colonel Mikalai Nosau at the head, which arrived later at the garage, voiced the new version of the arson: “The fire started at the car level. But the car bumper remained ok. And now they are voicing a version that the garage workbench had caught fire from a cigarette end. The version they are giving is absurd, because the first fire fighters, who had been putting the fire out, unambiguously said that the fire had started from the rooftop".