New director of Literature Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus supports intensification of the ideological work

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On 17 January the Literature Institute of the National Academy met with the new director: Uladzimier Hnilamiodava, 68, the former apparatchik of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Belarus, was replaced with Valiery Maksimovich, 38, PhD, Deputy Rector of the Academy of Arts.
The leitmotif during the "inauguration" of the new head for the employees of the Literature Institute became the words pronounced by a member of the Academy Piotr Niktsienka (in charge of the social sciences section in the Academy): "literary people and other ideology workers”. While meeting with the collective, the new director said that the institute is a state institution, so it has to be an ideological structure in a way.
Before his present post, Mr. Maksimovich worked in the Academy of Sciences, in charge of upbringing and ideology in the capacity of the deputy rector. Still earlier he worked in the philology department of BSU. However, recall his former colleagues in the philology department, Maksimovich was driven out. One of his “tricks” was a letter sent to the Presidential Administration: Maksimovich accused the chair of 20th century Belarusian Literature of continuing the program of "nationalists" and "collaborationists". The educational course was cancelled and the author was promoted, says the magazine Nasha niva.