The City Prosecutor of Krupki issued an official warning to Andrei Klimau, a political prisoner

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The official warning was based on the interview of the politician that was located on the internet site, the interview called the opposition to ignore the presidential elections. Mr.Charnel, the Prosecutor of Krupki informed that Andrei Klimau had violated the law when he said that Movement of Adndrei Klimau proposed the opposition to ignore the elections. Besides, Klimau informed that on March 25, people would come to Kastrychnitstkaia square to protest and dismiss Lukashenka from his position of President.
The Prosecutor warned Andrei Klimau against violation of law on mass events and informed him about criminal responsibility for public calls to seize the state power or forced overthrow of government. While talking, the Prosecutor referenced to new articles of the Criminal Code on the responsibility for actions of defamation of the state or threatening to the security of the state.
Andrei Klimau thinks that the Prosecutor was acting according to the orders of his chiefs: ?#152;The fact that about 300 000 people gave their signatures for Milinkevich and the total number of signatures for the opposition is about half a million scared the authorities because the chances of Lukashenka and the opposition are not equal. The authorities became nervous Reprisals will be intensified. The warning issued is the evidence of the scared authorities. I know that the chiefs of the Prosecutor told him to issue the warning. What are the results? The execution by shooting at Kastrychnitskaia square is probable… What else? I am surprised that that they did not institute criminal proceedings? But he wrote that the fact is examined. But the time is wrong and they are simply scared”.
According to the legislation, another warning may lead to a criminal case and transfer of the opposition politician from the “labor” camp, where he is serving his sentence for organization of a street action last year on March 25, to a prison, reported Radio Liberty.