The authorities in Vitsebsk liquidate local branch of the Union of Poles.

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Vitsebsk authorities sent a liquidation notice to the local branch of the Union of Poles.
This is the information provided by The officials claim the public association has seriously violated the related law. Vitsebsk had remained one of the last cities, where an organization connected with the legally elected head of the UPB Anzhalika Borys could operate legally.
The “serious violations” were that the leadership of the UPB branch has allegedly not called a single reporting and election conference since 2001. The authorities also argue that the regional branch of the Union of Poles has in fact acted as a city structure, which is against the organization's charter. Apart from the official liquidation notice there also was an order telling the branch to give up the Polish House to the owner - the local authorities. This means cancellation of the long-term rental of the building that houses the culture and education center of the national minority. According to the rental contract the authorities must reimburse the repair costs (about 300 thousand US dollars) incurred by the non-governmental organization Wspolnota Polska.
The Polish House in Vitsebsk is the only building of its kind, which was not on the balance of the UPB. It emerged in 2001. Since then it has operated language courses, interest groups and arts groups. During the official inauguration of the Polish House on 17 November 2002 it received the name of John-Paul II.