Boneheads March in Hrodna: Several Passers-by Are Beaten

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

According to BelaPAN

One of the victims, Mikita Pauroz said that about 30 persons went from Savetskaia Square to Lenin Square of Hrodna, shouting Heil Hitler! and insults at anti-fascist movement of Belarus. Mikita Pauroz expressed his dissatisfaction with their behavior and was beaten. According to him, the offenders went in line, but ran away when the police appeared.

-- The police didn’t manage to detain anyone. It is the first march of neo-Nazi I’ve seen for the last five years, -- Pauroz said.

According to Hrodna journalist Andrei Pachobut, the activity of radical neo-Nazi groups in Hrodna has recently increased:
-- About three weeks ago neo-Nazi graffiti started appearing on the walls. To my mind, it was preparation to this action, -- he said.

Only Hrodna Kastrychnitski borough police said they didn’t know anything about the Nazi procession.