Search and Confiscation in Flat of Activist of Milinkevich’s Initiative Group

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

In the evening of 6 December four policemen with the captain Vadzim Pivavar at the head burst into the flat. The order for the search was issued by Baranavichy Transport Procurator Henadz Kulak. The police started the search despite of the fact that only Hundar’s daughter was at home. When Uladzimir Hundar and his wife came to the flat, the policemen were packing the system block of his computer, all CDs, discs and videocassettes. Being asked what he was doing captain Pivavarau stated in 2000 computer equipment was stolen from Baranavichy train depot and unknown person phoned them and told it was in Hundar’s flat. Mr. Hundar asked about the serial numbers of the stolen computers, but the policeman said only investigators knew it. They composed the confiscation report and made Hundar’s daughter sign it. They also found several dozens of calendars with Milinkevich and materials of the Congress of Democratic Forces and confiscated them as “anti-state” ones.

The same day two policemen visited the flat of one more member of the initiative group of Aliaksandr Milinkevich, Viktar Syrytsa. They didn’t search the flat, but asked whether he knew anything about a bag, that was stolen from a woman. That’s how the police try to intimidate members of the initiative group in Baranavichy.