Authorities step up pressure on the oppositionists – criminal action brought against the activist Paval Madshara

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The Homel human rights activist Anatol Paplauny informed that on December 23 at 11.30 p.m. outside the Homel department store a young opposition activist Paval Madshara was detained. Police officers dragged him out of the car, put him down on the ground, searched him to allegedly find drugs.
Paval Madshara was taken to Tsentralny DIA of Homel, where they initiated a criminal case for storage of drugs.
After the night in the police station, the activist was taken home, where they searched the apartment, the search warrant, however, had been executed with a violation: it did not have a stamp on it. Apart from a white-red-white flag, party brochures and other kinds of documents and papers, the police did not find anything else – these were the "evidence” confiscated by them.
The human rights activist Anatol Paplauny commented on the detention: “There is a legal framework the police officers are supposed to abide by in the first place. During the detention and search they committed certain violations – this is obvious, but I do not know any particularities now so I cannot give you a more concrete evaluation. When I am there, we’ll look into it".