Telman Masliukou Applies to Svetlahorsk Inter-district Procurator’s Office

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

According to Svetlahorsk district organization of BPF Party, its member Telman Masliukou applied to the procurator’s office, asking it to check the legality of the examination of his flat on 2 December by the police.

During the “examination” the police attached printed materials, computer CDs and two duplicators. The procedure of examination and attachment of things is regulated by the Criminal-Process Code of the Republic of Belarus. According to Article #203, things can be attached only after bringing a criminal case. In this case the criminal case wasn’t brought. Besides, the attached things had no relations to the stated reason for the examination (search for drugs and firearms).

That’s why the application contains the request to check the legality of:

 the procedure of attachment;
 the attachment of the printing materials containing issue data and not exceeding the specified circulation and the legality of the exaction;
 the attachment of the duplicators of A4 format, whereas the attached printed production was of either of A3 format or produced with polygraphic equipment, which means it couldn’t be produced with the confiscated equipment.

Besides, in the application it is stated that the police didn’t put the names and the factory numbers of the exacted CDs into the minutes of the examination which makes doubtful their future fate. They also didn’t seal the package with the exacted printed materials and didn’t even wrap the duplicators.