Babruisk has great financial problems preparing for Dazhynki-2006

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Regional leadership reduced the financing on the preparation of the city for the celebration to 135 billion rubles. The construction of the therapeutic building of the city hospital included into the festival program is still in question. It is quite possible that the town will have to finish its construction using its own funds.
The funds to illuminate around 15 buildings of the city will have to come from the organizations both on the state budget and off the state budget.
The situation is complicated still further because next year the Babruisk treasury cannot count on funds arriving from the sale of city properties into private ownership. During a regular meeting in the City Executive Committee the head of the city property and privatization department Zhana Padabedava said the town did not have anything to sell.
The problem of putting up the guests of the city during Dazhynki-2006 was discussed during the regular meeting at the city executive committee.
The problem is that all hospitals of the city can simultaneously put up only 670. The festival held this year in Slutsk was attended by over 30 thousand people. It is expected that much more people will come to Babruisk. So it is planned that dormitories, and not only student dormitories, will be used. The additional option is the use of compartment carriages installed at the railway station. (According to the news review "Week with Mahilou Region", No.36 (184)15-28/11/05)