Procurator’s Office Checks Articles Published in the Newspaper Borisovskiye novosti

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The procurator’s office of Barysau is to give a “legal evaluation” of several articles published in the newspaper Borisovskiye novosti (issues 29-31 of 2005) and “take an appropriate decision regarding procurator’s reaction”. An appropriate instruction arrived from the procurator's office of Minsk Oblast, which had in turn received a commission from the Procurator's Office of Belarus (the civil rights and liberties department). This is the information provided to the Belarusian Association of Journalists by the senior editor of the publication Anatol Bukas on November 21.
The message from the Republican Procurator's Office says that the Ministry of Information acted on the commission from Minsk Regional Executive Committee and analyzed a number of articles regarding "the abuse of the freedom of the media" by the editorial office of the Borisovskiye novosti, however, "did not find any reasons for applying sanctions against the editorial office according to the Law of Belarus "On the Pres“ and other media”. At the same time, as is obvious from the letter it was the Ministry of Information that asked the procurator’s office to “legally evaluate” the same articles.
(The articles in question are “They are stifling the freedom of speech”, “Alexandr Grigorievich will be replaced by Viktor Aliexandrovich?”, “I will defend the authorities with arms in hand”, “Belarusian Wonder”, “Does the laurel wreath fit?”, “EU Opposition Enrages", "Jobs for the Sons”, “No “linguists”, thank you”, “The last construction site of Communism”, “Diplomatic Scandal”, “No weapons should be used”, “Kremlin comes to the "father's" rescue", "Elections without Lukashenka", "Dream of President Lukashenka”, “In Belarus the first lady in the village”, “Inviting to Forest, Having to Go to Swamp", "Mikola Statkievich Went Off for "Labor Camp", "How not to get into a trap").
“I believe that top level authorities made a decision to prevent at all costs the distribution of information through the newspaper Borisovskiye novosti to the people of Barysau District", said the senior editor of the publication Anatol Bukas in an interview with the press service of the Belarusian Association of Journalists”. He reminded that not long before that event Minablsaiuzdruk cancelled an agreement with the newspaper for the sale in the kiosks, and several days ago Barysau District Mail Service Company refused to make a contract with the editorial office for the acceptance and distribution of the subscription copies of the periodical.