The BPF Headquarters Defiled by Neo-Nazis

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

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On November 18 when the deputy chair, the executive secretary of the BPF Party Board Viktar Ivashkievich, came to the Popular Front Board located in the building well known to all of Minsk at 8 Varvasheni Street, he saw a sight that has become familiar over the past few months. The entrance doors made by Belarusian artists to an order and decorated with unique ornaments were again defiled by Russian Nazis. The doors had a large swastika and “SLAVIC UNION” written on them.
Vintsuk Viachorka, the Chair of the BPF Party, commented on the latest unpunished action of the Russian fascists in the center of the Belarusian capital: “This has been the fourth case over the past time. We know that the BPF headquarters are under constant audio and video supervision of the Lukashenka intelligence services (one of the reasons why we have not been evicted so far). Also, the next building is the Police Academy, whose entrances are constantly guarded. However, the rogues calmly do their black business. Their previous "work" that we deliberately left as was for several days did not arouse any interest on the part of the authorities; however, everyone knows that if a "Long Live Belarus" sign appears on a construction site, people with brushes show up to paint over the "sedition". However, the Russian fascists and their anti-human signs and anti-Belarusian slogans are tolerated. That’s why I have a reason to say that they are under close care of the Lukashenka authorities”.