Today Belarusian border guards did not allow entry to Poland to two activists of the Union of Poles unrecognized by the authorities: Inesa Todryk and Anzhalika Arekhva

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They had planned to go by train at 10 a.m. from Hrodna to Bialystok on a business trip. The border guard who had taken their documents for checkup restored their passports in some time and could not explain why they had not been allowed to leave abroad. The only thing that he recommended was to come to the next train at 2 p.m., then he said the higher officials would be there and if they were not allowed to leave again they would be explained the reasons.
Over the past month Anzhalika Arekhva has not been allowed by Belarusian border guards to leave the country. Earlier they doubted the veracity of the passport stamp that allows exit to all countries of the world, however, after checking the passport they found out that the stamp was real.
Today together with Anzhalika Arekhva and Inesa Todryk, Tadevusz Havin and Zygmunt Pieluts, who are also members of the officially unrecognized Union of Poles in Belarus, were also there. They did not have any problems leaving the country. Anzhalika Borys and Miechyslau Iaskievich left for Poland yesterday, says Radio Liberty.