Day of Solidarity took place in Central Square in Svietlahorsk, Homel Region

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The Svietlahorsk District Council of BLA informed that on 16 November in Svietlahorsk (Homel Region) a Day of Solidarity action took place at Central Square.
At least 30 people – mostly young people – gathered at Central Square, formed a line and kindled candles at 8 p.m. The action was held outside the local district executive committee and the police department. For the first five minutes the action participants silently stood facing the buildings of the authorities, then turned their backs on them.
In the opinion of the action participants, the main reason why they came out to the square was the events of the recent days in the city - the police searching the apartment of Vadzim Bohdan (activist of the local youth movement) and notices served to Vadzim. “This is what we learned from the press. When the local authorities resume their reprisals, the revolution will start from Svietlahorsk", said one of the participants.
The action lasted for 15 minutes. At the end the participants left the square, candles in hands, in an organized way, the organizers thanked everyone for taking part and parted. The police watched what was happening but did not interfere with the event.
The event at the square was attended by the representatives of the BPF Party, CPB, the public association of the businessmen Perspektyva and BLA. The residents of many apartments switched off the light in their apartments at 8 p.m. and kindled candles in the windows for 15 minutes.