Vadzim Bohdan was summonsed to the police on the basis of the search performed in his apartment

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

In the second half of November 15 Vadzim Bohdan, an activist of the youth movement in Svietlahorsk (Homel Region) was summonsed to the local police department for another time to give evidence after the results of the search performed in his apartment.
The search was performed by the police "looking for drugs”, however, as a result of the search printed materials were confiscated. In the morning of 15 November when Vadzim was summonsed to the police for the first time, the investigator decided to search the apartment for a second time and "look for home-made alcohol". When the BHC representative A.Iausieianka had talked with the investigator, and activists of the local public organizations had gathered outside Vadzim's house, the police decided not to proceed.
According to the information received by Svietlahorsk District Council of BLA, an officer of the local KGB department visited the police, where he discussed with the police investigator the materials relating to Vadzim's case.
According to Vadzim, three police officers who handled him in the second part of the day behaved normally and did not exert any psychological pressure on him. As a result of the evidence given by Vadzim the police qualified his actions as transportation of unregistered printed materials, that is the "16" bulletins brought from Minsk. Obviously, the case materials would be handed over to the court.