Polish Journalists Call Upon an End to Dictatorship in Belarus

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

"Belarusian opposition against Lukashenka", that was the title of the last page of dozens of the local papers that came out in Poland last week. This action devoted to the situation in Belarus was staged by the Polish Association of the Local Press.
About fifty local periodicals in Poland printed the photos of the disappeared Belarusian politicians and journalists, photos from the rallies brutally suppressed by the police. The page also contained an appeal by the renowned European politicians Vaclau Havel, Mary Robinson, Frederic de Klerk to the citizens of the European Union, which also says the following: "Aliaxandr Lukashenka who has ruled in Belarus for the past eleven years views power as daily violation of the human and civil rights, arrests and elimination of dissidents and journalists, and also deception of the people with the help of media controlled by the government. We are sure that it is necessary to use every chance to break through the wall of indifference and inability on the part of the democratic countries, to counteract the Post-Soviet autocrat and his inner circle, and not to allow them to completely destroy independent initiatives in Belarus".
The Polish Association of the Local Press is going to continue with such actions to turn the attention of the community to what is happening in Belarus.