People Return to Radiation Polluted Villages

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The people who have been evicted from the territories that are polluted with radioation return to their places of residence and are registered there by the appropriate state organs. It concerns, for instance, the villages of Kavali and Sabali, situated in Brahin district of Homiel region. Some refugees from the conflict regions of the former Soviet Union also live there. Their residence there is has already been legalized.

During Dazhynki festival in the city of Slutsk Aliaksandr Lukashenka even said that it is the fault of the opposition that people were evicted from the most fertile land.

Valiery Chekan, chair of Brahin District Executive Committee, said to RFE/RL that the DEC decided to register the people who live in Kavali and Sabali and put the appropriate stamp in their passport the way it is done on the whole territory of Belarus.

The return of people demands care about their needs and pieces of land. It is not It is economically inexpedient to provide the necessary social conditions – restore, shops, drugstores for one or two dozens of residents. That’s why 188 villages of Homiel region have a similar situation and are considered problem ones. People can receive the state registration there, but the life standards remain inappropriate.