The journalist Ivan Roman sent a complaint to the procurator's office for inhuman conditions in the Shchuchyna detention center

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Before the repeated congress of the Union of Poles in Vaukavysk, Ivan Roman was detained in Shchuchyn together with the UPB activist, journalist Andrei Pachobut, and kept in separate cells for a day. Together with I.Roman, as he puts it in his complaint, there were TB-infected inmates. The fleas bit him so badly that the traces can be well seen three days after, reported Radio Liberty.
As the authorities prepared for the repeated 6th congress of the UPB, eight Union activists were arrested. They were arrested or simply put behind bars for several days without trial. The overall duration of arrests totaled 96 days today. The UPB founder Tadeusz Havin got the longest term (30 days). He is supposed to be released tomorrow.