Interest in the political cartoons only increases

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Many Internet users abroad expressed their desire to keep up the creation of cartoons about the political situation in Belarus. At the same time, the members of the civil initiative "Third Way" have a status of witness in the case of libeling Aliaxandr Lukashenka, which was brought by Minsk Procurator's Office for political cartoons on the Internet site of the mentioned organization.
The members of the Third Way initiative Paval Marozau and Andrei Abozau have been in Kiev since 23 August. They met up with their Ukrainian counterparts to resume the site because all of the equipment had been confiscated by KGB. For some time the site was blocked.
Paval Marozau believes that in the future the political cartoons will continue to be distributed via the Internet: "Our Ukrainian colleagues offered us support and help – so that we could not be brought before court. Many people expressed a desire to continue with cartoons. What kind of movies these cartoons are going to be will be known in a week or in a month at worst. So this will continue".
Yet another member of the initiative, Aleh Minich is in Hrodna. They also took away his computer and all media. Apart from that, the investigator of Hrodna KGB Aleh Varanietski took Aleh's and his wife's passports and refuses to give them back. The Minsk Procurator's Office has not considered the complaint about the investigator so far. The head of the investigative group Viktar Shaban told Radio Liberty that investigation could be extended for an indefinite term, and more than ten computers will continue to be kept in KGB.