Hrodna resident Aleh Minich is accused of insulting the president for his cartoons

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Hrodna resident Aleh Minich will soon be accused by terms of Article 368 part 2 of the Criminal Code for insulting the president. KGB officers visited the apartment of Mr. Minich on 16 August. They rang the doorbell and introduced themselves as a television repairman. The day before the owner of the apartment really called a television repair service, so he calmly opened the doors. Five KGB agents broke into the apartment, who showed the owner a search warrant. The search was also performed in the apartment of Aleh Minich's parents, who had been called from the dacha. The search in the apartment of Aleh Minich lasted for several hours. They confiscated not only the computer equipment but also all the notebooks, papers, papers and disks. Mr. Minich was taken to KGB Department in Telman Street, where he was informed about criminal proceedings instituted for animations that feature a character that bear resemblance to Aliaxandr Lukashenka. Then Mr. Minich had to sign an undertaking not to leave the city. Today on 22 August Aleh Minich was summonsed to KGB for interrogation. As he showed up there, they took away his passport without explaining the reasons.