BPF Party performed an ecological action

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From 11 to 13 August an action staged by the young activists of the BPF Party under the slogan "Radar stations are a threat to Belarus" was held in Hantsavichy and Kliotsk districts. The action sought to inform the local people of the danger that the Russian military site "RS Volga" poses to Belarus, reported the press service of the BPF Party.
The Radar Station Volga was put into operation in Belarus two years ago. It was constructed on the basis of a governmental agreement signed by Prime-Minister Kebich and then actively supported by Aliaxandr Lukashenka. The state leader repeatedly underscored that Belarus never demanded and would never demand that Russia pay money for its strategic sites in Belarus, though the true cost of such services, according to his estimates, totals hundreds of millions of dollars.
RS Volga emits high power electromagnetic waves that adversely affects the health of the people and the environment. The locals showed the action participants trees that literally have withered away over the past two years. The trees start drying up at the top, which means the branches most exposed to emission die first. Neither birds sang, nor mosquitoes interfered with the action participant in the local woods. The woods nearest the radar station that the participants visited at night are deadly silent, with the only noise coming from the cars that travel along the highway several kilometers away from the place.
The young activists of the BPF Party handed out several thousand fly sheets in the local villages and the town Hantsavichy, and also explained the situation to the local residents. The law enforcement agencies did not interfere, like they did last year.