Vandalism in Jewish cemetery

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

In Minsk unidentified vandals desecrated the memorial to the Nazi victims "Pit" at Melnikaite Street: Plastic wreaths were burned, stones traditionally laid in commemoration of those murdered in the years of war were scattered, and on the monument itself the vandals left a grape of rowan-berries with a crow's feather inside. This is the information reported by Vice-President of the Union of Belarusian Jewish Public Associations Iakau Basin.
He says that the leadership of the association plans to file a complaint with the procurator's office though they do not believe the criminals will be found because this is the third case of vandalism on the memorial territory. The first one was in 1992, when the black marble obelisk was stained with white paint, and the other one in 2003 when Neo-Nazis painted a swastika and wrote Holocaust. 2003 and "Bash kikes!"
What should be reminded is that on 2 March 1942 on the territory of the "Pit" memorial Nazis murdered 5 thousand Jews imprisoned in Minsk ghetto, and during World War II a total of 100 thousand Jews died.