The complaint filed by Sviatlana Zavadzkaya against the riot police office is still being dealt with

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The legal term specified by the authorities for considering the complaint by Sviatlana Zavadzkaya against the actions of the Minsk riot police officer who beat her during the picket. The Radio Liberty correspondent asked the Tsentralny District Procurator's Office about the examination outcome. It turned out that it was not finished yet. The procurator of Tsentralny District of Minsk Aliaxandr Khadatovich did not disclose any particularities: "It is very pleasant to hear someone speaking Belarusian , but I do not discuss official affairs over the phone. The examination is still on, no decision has been made so far".

The investigator Dzmitry Luhin, who is in charge of the examination, also refused to disclose the details of the examination. The procurator's office believes that the they do not violate the complaint examination terms.

The wife of the disappeared cameraman took her statement to the Minsk Procurator's Office on 8 July and believed that within the term defined by the law she would receive a refusal. The law only gives ten days to deal with such complaints, the term may only be continued for serious reasons. Sviatlana said that she felt very bad about things happening around this incident: "It is very hard, morally. It is understandable why people then sue for moral damages, because I now feel like a squeezed lemon. I feel like they did not just punch me but killed me. Taking into account what they say about me allegedly cutting the riot police officer's lip…This just finishes me up. You start feeling terrible that you live in this country and do not know what to do".

The same day that Sviatlana Zavadzkaya filed her complaint with the procurator's office, the city police said that she had allegedly been the first to hit the officer and so cut his lip, and he only "brushed her away" in response. Later on, however, they said that if the riot police officer violated the law he may be fired. They have not informed if the police have been doing a checkup on the riot police officer who hit Sviatlana Zavadzkaya. So far they have not disclosed the name of this man.