In Kirausk the organizer of an educational seminar was fined 50 basic units.

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 16 July in Kirausk, Mahilou Region, the Belarusian Republic Club of Voters organized an educational seminar that highlighted some aspects of the labor law.

The seminar was attended by the assistant head of Kirau District Police Department Piotr Piatrou, and also the head of Kirau District Police Department Mr. Bizunou. After the speech delivered by the representative of the Belarusian Republican Club of Voters Hannah Hataviets, she was asked by the mentioned police officers for "a talk" to Kirau District Police Department, where they made a report for committing an administrative office by terms of Article 167 part 1 of CAO of the Republic of Belarus "Violated order of holding gatherings, meetings, street processions, demonstrations and picketing". This report was written by Piotr Piatrou to the words of Mr. Bizunou.

The first court session was to have been held on 11 July but was postponed till 15 July because the witnesses did not show up for the session – the assistant head of Kirau Police Department Piotr Piatrou and the head of Kirau Police Department Mr. Bizunou and also the assistant chair of Kirau City Executive Committee Ms Karankievich. On 15 July at the court session Karankievich said that this seminar was held in violation of the regulations adopted by Kirau Town Executive Committee, which established the order of holding seminars in the territory of Kirau District. When asked to produce this regulation, she said she did not have the document in question. Because of this the court session was again postponed.

On 18 July the last court session that dealt with this case took place. The mentioned regulation was produced at the session. It should be noted that this regulation is entitled "The Regulation of Kirau Town Committee" that only applies to the structural units of the Town Executive Committee and regulates the seminars held only in the structural units of the town executive committee. This fact did not have any impact on the ruling passed by the judge of Kirau district Ms Ulitsina. Also, the judge did not take into account the fact that during the event the police officers did not require that it be stopped (the demand of Article 13 of the Law "On gatherings, meetings, street processions, demonstrations and picketing", according to which the police must demand that the gathering break up, if illegal).

As a result, Judge Ulitsina passed a decision to administratively punish Hannah Hataviets with a fine of 50 basic units (1 275 000 rubles).

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