Another Zubr activist was expelled from university for political activity.

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Paviel Madzhara was a third year student at the Belarusian philology department at the Frantsysk Skaryna Homel State University.

According to the press service of the Zubr movement, about a month ago when Paviel Madzhara was taking his summer exams, he was called to the military registration and enlistment office. A man who introduced himself as a KGB agent met him there. He insisted that Paviel accept his collaboration offer, promising help with exams. In the event of refusal, the KGB agent threatened the young man would have serious problems during the exam session.

Paviel refused to cooperate point-blank. Several days later he was invited to the department dean, where the Zubr was warned he would not pass this session.

He passed the first two exams successfully, and then encountered problems. The other day the university head signed the expulsion order for Paviel Madzhara.