BTV does not know what it is showing?

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The Union of Poles received a short letter from the Belarusian TV Company. It says: "In response to your inquiry we inform you that the film "Who ordered the Union of Poles" was not shown by the First National TV Channel on 13 May. The letter was signed by the deputy chair of the State Television and Radio Company Aliaxandr Martynienka.

On 13 May in the evening the Belarusian TV Company showed a 45-minute film aimed against the new leadership of the Union of Poles in Belarus and some Polish diplomats. The authors used operative video footage and interviews given by the former chair of the Union Tadeusz Kruczkowski and some of his associates.

On 14 May in Horadnia the Head Council of the UPB adopted a statement which also mentioned: Demand the Belarusian TV Company refute the libelous tales of the film "Who ordered the Union of Poles". Request the procurator's office of the Republic of Belarus call to criminal account the authors and film participants".

In the letter sent to BTV the UPB leadership asked for time on television so that they could dismiss as false the information voiced in the film. The film was seen by many members of the UPB, but the leadership of the Belarusian Television and Radio Company says that such a film was not shown, reports HrodnaNews.