The editorial office of Hrodna-based newspaper Pahonia received a letter from a political prisoner, the leader of the All-National Strike Committee of the Businessmen, a member of the Free Belarus Valiery Lievanieuski, which asked for help.

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Correctional facility No.22 is a common security facility that houses more than 600 people.

The facility is a "new" one, in the stage of construction. Even public transport does not reach there, though the Ministry of Transport and Communications undertook this problem in 2005…

... Basically, we have no library or sports ground. Instead of a sports ground we have one horizontal bar for 300 people and one mini-football pitch. Even table-based games (checkers, chess) have to be bought at the prisoners' cost…

In view of the above, we ask you to provide informational and other kinds of help with filling up the library of the correctional facility and buying sports equipment.

We will be grateful to anyone who will send us books (fiction, textbooks) and sports equipment (volleyball net, footballs and volleyballs, weights, checkers, chess), including second hand items.

The fiction and sports equipment can be handed over via my relations or be brought to the facility. Telephones for detailed information: 8-0296-31-30-62, 8-0152-31-30-