Foreign Ministry of Poland is concerned about politics of the Belarusian authorities

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The Polish government continues to be concerned about the steps undertaken by the authorities of Belarus with respect to the Union of Poles in Belarus, simultaneously noting certain signs of "optimism". This is what the deputy foreign minister of Poland Yakub Volski said, who was attending the sitting of the Committee for Relations with Poles Abroad in the Nation's Sejm, reported Radio Polonia.

According to Volski, the Polish authorities are concerned about the issue of the falsified Glos znad Niemna – the paper of the UPB. Quite likely, that the former head of the Union Tadeusz Kruczkowski, the protege of the Belarusian authorities is behind this action. Another fact that worries the Foreign Ministry of Poland is that the Hrodna authorities refused the UPB to hold a Midsummer Night event. "Simultaneously, we observe the actions by the Belarusian side, which, hopefully, will be a kind of stimulus for better relations", noted the deputy minister.

According to Yakub Volski, during the meeting of the representatives of the Belarusian authorities and the ambassador of Poland to Belarus Tadeusz Pawlak, the Belarusian side declared the need for good relations with Poland and refusal for broadening the conflict.