Young woman in Homel did not get a job because of her involvement with the youth movement Lemon

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Homel City Education Board refused to employ a graduate of Frantsishak Skaryna University, an activist of the unregistered youth movement Lemon Yulia Siviets.

In spring, when the philology department graduates were being officially distributed, the city education board sent to the university a request for the philologist Yulia Siviets. However, one of these days the education board recalled its request.

Anatol Shevel, head of the education department in the city executive committee, refused to acknowledge any link between the public activity of the graduate Siviets and employment in a city school and quotes as the reason for refusal absence of vacancies after the completion procedure undertaken in schools in May – early June, whereas the distribution of the graduates occurs before the school completion procedure.

The university graduate is not surprised at such explanation and is absolutely sure that the real reason is her public and political activity. Yulia Siviets says: "Sure, they will find some official reason for sending me to a school in some remote part. This is what happens everywhere and not only due to the distribution. The same situation is with expulsions from universities. No one says this is because you are involved in public and political activity. People get expelled because they do not pass exams or for some other reasons".

As a student, Yulia really was actively involved in various public and political actions of the unregistered youth movement Lemon. She was repeatedly detained by the police for distributing flysheets. During the last year's parliamentary election campaign, Yulia was a trusted agent of a Five Plus coalition candidate, even filed a request with the rector's office asking for uncontrolled attendance of classes during the elections. When she got a no answer, she filed a complaint against the university with the procurator's office. According to Radio Liberty.