Youngsters staged a new action against the renaming of the streets, this time – on the buses

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

According to Radio Liberty, young people representing opposition political parties and movements continue with actions against the renaming of the streets of the Belarusian capital. Last time it was decided not to stage a "live chain", because the riot police very quickly reacts to such events and force the people into courtyards as far away from the passers-by as possible.

Instead of the "chain" the young people handed out news bulletins and flysheets to the passengers of the number 100 buses that run along Skaryny Avenue.

The activist of the young wing of the Belarusian People's Front Franak Viachorka explained to Radio Liberty that the actions against the renaming of the streets will be made more political. The people will be informed about the situation with the underground lyceum named after Yakub Kolas, about the expulsion of students from schools for taking part in political actions, about arrests of the opposition activists.

Passengers were glad to receive flysheets, and discussed their contents. At times there were discussions, but not a single call to the police regarding an unauthorized action staged by the youngsters.