New provocation against the Union of Poles

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Hrodna regional printers started printing a false issue of the Glos znad Niemna, a paper of the Union of Poles. The senior editor of the newspaper Andrzej Pisalnik found it out and requested that the printers show him the documents relating to this issue of the Glos. It turned out that the newspaper arrived without supporting papers, and the signature of the editor that signed it to print was illegible.

Mr. Pisalnik came to Kastrychnitski District Police Department and filed a statement saying that the newspaper is being illegally printed by people who do not work in the editorial office, and on the paper that belongs to the Union of Poles.

So far the regional printers have refused to print the issue prepared by the editorial office of the Glos znad Niemna. However, last week a paper issue that was not signed by the editor was printed, this issue even got to the shops. The newspaper is published by the faction of the former chair of UPB Tadeusz Kruczkowski supported by the authorities. At the same time, the authorities do not recognize the new leadership of the Union of Poles elected by the delegates of the latest, sixth, congress of this public association. Mr.Kruczkowski was excluded from by the board of the Hrodna City Branch of UPB, but he continues to work drawing on the support of the authorities and is going to call a new congress, reports Radio Liberty.