Deputy of Chamber of Representatives Proposes to Introduce Forcible Sterilization

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The discussion about who is to compensate the state expenses for upbringing orphans resulted in an unexpected discussion. One deputy even proposed to adopt a law on forcible sterilization of anti-social persons.

At first everything was quite calm, but when the justice minister Viktar Halavanau started calling the numbers, the deputies changed their mood: there are 32 000 orphans in Belarus, 86% of whom are so-called “social orphans” – children, whose parents are still alive. The minister is sure that such parents must completely compensate the state expenses. The ministry prepared the appropriate draft law about it.

When its discussion started, the deputy Siarhiei Kastsian took the floor. He said:
-- Animals live well-ordered and 99% people do as well, but 1% of people live ill-ordered and they also give birth to children. That’s how the conditions for the society’s debilitation are created. I know my proposal will be misunderstood and can cause indignation, but it will concern not society on the whole, but only certain people. I mean we must adopt a law on forcible sterilization.

The draft law about the parents’ responsibility for the state expenses on upbringing their children was adopted unanimously in the first reading.