In Hrodna authorities subscribe people to state newspapers

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Before 15 June 2005 companies and organizations of Hrodna are to submit a report about the subscription to the Sovetskaya Belorussia newspaper for the second half-year in 2005. Says the letter sent out by the administrations of two boroughs in Hrodna, reports the BAJ press-service.
The document indicates the numbers of the SB copies a company has to subscribe. It is recommended that the information about the subscription results be submitted to the borough departments of ideological work. According to the journalists, the administrations of the boroughs do the subscription on the instruction of Hrodna City Executive Committee.
Uladzimir Amelka, head of the ideology department of Hrodna City Executive Committee, said to the correspondent that apart from the SB the executive committees also insist on subscription of several state republican periodicals (the Zviazda, the Respublika, the Belorusskaya niva, the Sem dniey, the Znamia iunosti, the Belaruskaia dumka) “because they cover the policies conducted by the state”. The list of newspapers that draw on the support of the authorities also includes six local state periodicals, including the Hrodnenskaia pravda, which Mr. Amelka himself called “unexciting”.