On 17 May Embassador Ebergard Heiken, head of the OSCE office in Minsk, paid a visit to the political prisoner Prof. Iury Bandazheuski

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According to an OSCE office representative, this visit is part of Ebergard Heiken's meeting with other political prisoners (including earlier visits to Aliaxandr Vasilieu and Mikhail Marynich).
Ambassador Heiken visited Prof. Bandazheuski in his new place of settlement, the agricultural company Belitsa-agra, Lida District, where he was taken several days ago.
Today the former rector of Homel Medical University, the world famous scholar Iury Bandazheuski will start working as a mechanic on a farm. In the previous place of settlement in Peskautsy, he worked as a night guard.
The professor's wife Halina said in an interview with Radio Liberty that she was worried over the working conditions on the farm. "Ammonia and chlorine-based substances are everywhere there, a person with an ulcer cannot work there, or his health will get worse. They could not find a better job for him than this one. And they have a district clinic there. Shortly, this is humiliating", says the professor's wife.
Bandazheuski's professor lives in a village house that has been uninhabited for almost seven years now.
As regards the expected amnesty, this question is still in the air. Halina Bandazheuskaia does not really believe the promises of earlier release. "It is all lies. Our law enforcement agencies can hardly be believed at all. The laws they make are used in whatever way suits them best", says Halina.