On 17 May the court marshal Aliaxandra Shumeika of Pershamaiski court of Minsk, attached furniture and some other property that belongs to the deputy of the Chamber of Representatives of the previous convocation. Siarhei Skrabiets was arrested on 15 May

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This is the information provided by Radio Liberty. S.Skrabiets is now in the investigative center in Brest, where the ex-deputy has gone on hunger-strike, says the ex-deputy assistant.
The furniture and other household items have been attached to redeem the legal expenses owed by Siarhei Skrabiets. The property attachment was authorized by an earlier decision of the court. In March the Hrodna court found the ex-parliamentary guilty of organizing an unauthorized meeting of businessmen and fined him 4 million 800 thousand rubles. The court passed this ruling though Siarhei Skrabiets argued he was outside Belarus on the day of the businessmen's action.
Siarhei Skrabiets, who is currently unemployed, has been able to pay only 1 out of 5 million of the fine. He got a short delay, which, however, ended on 17 May.
The property attached was in an apartment in Shuhaeva Street, where Skrabiets's parents live and where he is officially registered. During the procedure, the ex-deputy's father, who has problems with the heart and legs, felt bad. As a result, an ambulance had to be called.
Siarhei Skrabiets had been arrested on 15 May and is now in the Brest-based temporary detention center of the regional Department of Internal Affairs. He was charged with two articles of the Penal Code: preparation for a crime and bribing.