In Ivatsevichy sellers in newspaper kiosks put away independent newspapers

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

In Ivatsevichy (Brest region) the kiosks owned by Belsaiuzdruk (the state-owned company that distributes newspapers and magazines) stopped putting up for display independent periodicals, including Gazeta dlia vas, Narodnaia volia, Kurier iz Borisova. The senior editor of the Gazeta dlia vas Lidzia Tsaluika told the Belarusian Association of Journalists.
They are still on sale: the kiosk sellers put them out when asked to do so by buyers. "Anyway, people know about the papers and ask for them", said the seller from one of the kiosks in response to Lidzia Tsaluika's remark. From her talks with the sellers, Ms Tsaluika found out about a directive allegedly issued by the head of the Ivatsevichi district executive committee department Iryna Mikhniuk, which banned displaying the mentioned periodicals. According to the sellers, the department head herself received an appropriate instruction from Ivatsevichy district executive committee.
I.Mikhniuk herself during a meeting with L.Tsaluika denied the directive or a document from the Ivatsevichy district executive committee, and said that this was misunderstanding. Nonetheless, the situation with the independent periodicals in Ivatsevichy stays the same.