Non-state Editions of Hrodna Region Aren’t Included in Hrodna Regional Catalogue of Mass Media

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The catalogue of mass media of Hrodna region was issued by the ideological department of Hrodna regional executive committee for the 9th international exhibition “Mass media in Belarus” that opened in Minsk on 3 May. The circulation of the catalogue is 400 copies. The catalogue contains no information about non-state editions, such as Birzha Informacii, Hazieta Slonimskaia, Mestnaya Gazeta, Novaya Gazeta Smorgoni, Telieskop, Glos z-nad Niemna.

The edition contains information about periodical and electronic mass media of Hrodna region, its printing houses, Hrodna branches of such state enterprises Belposhta (Belarusian post), Belsaiuzdruk (Belarusian union publishing) and the open company Hrodnakniha (Hrodna books). According to Maryian Maksimonka, worker of the ideological department who was responsible for the catalogue issue, the department consciously decided to include information only about the editions that are completely or partially financed by the state.

Natallia Makushyna, editor of the social department of Birzha Informacii newspaper that wasn’t included in the catalog, is sure that the officials again separated journalists depending on their loyalty:
-- The most outrageous is that this book with description of “pocket” newspapers was issued for the means of those who pay taxes, including journalists of Birzha Informacii, -- she said.

In the opening speech Uladzimir Amielka, chair of the ideological department of the Hrodna REC, said:
-- The priority direction is elucidation of the work of local power structures, activity of president of the Republic of Belarus and issues of internal and foreign policy.”

Paviel Mazheika, the BAJ press-service