Already 25 On Hunger-Strike in Vaukavysk

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This is the information provided by Radio Liberty.
New people joined Vaukavysk hunger-strikers. As of now, 25 people take part in the protest action. Mikalai Autukhovich has been on the hunger-strike for the longest term – he has been denying food for 14 days now. He feels weak but says he can continue with his hunger-strike for long.
The Nika-trans drivers, who dominate the hunger-strikers, have been joined by two veterans of the Afghan War fought by the Soviet Union, who are not employed by the company. Today early in the morning the hunger-strikers took their appeals to the district executive committee. Then appeals were written by another six taxi drivers and the special reporter for Birzha Informatsii Sviatlana Kukharava.
The taxi-driver Mikhail Siemiarych, 40, who also fought in the Afghan War just like more than a half of the other hunger-strikers, has been on the hunger-strike for the 10th day. He also took part in the first large-scale hunger-strike by the Nika-trans drivers, which occurred one and a half year ago.
The businessman Mikalai Autukhovich protests against the authorities creating obstacles in his work. Mr. Autukhovich has 22 taxis, employing drivers from the Nika-trans which now has a fine of about 2 billion rubles to pay. The authorities argue that the company provides taxi services without an appropriate license. But Mikalai Autukhovich says that he and Nika-trans have concluded a contract for services of driving taxis, the latter company having no relation to the cars. The Nika-trans account has been blocked, seven trucks have not worked for two months. The taxi drivers are also afraid they can lose their jobs.