Special Police Officer Who Tortured Kanstantsin Karol by Trying to Pull out Pierced Ring from his Face is Akhramovich.

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

During a court session headed by Mikalai Samaseika, Chair of Tsentralny Borough Court of Minsk, it became known that the special police officer Akhramovich used tortures against Kanstantsin Karol, the detained action participant. On the bus with the detained action participants, Akhramovich attempted to pull out a pierced ring from Kanstantsin’s face. In the courtroom Akhramovich gave evidence as a witness in the administrative case and, though K. Karol told about the tortures used by the special police officer and also about his diagnosed “craniocerebral injury”, the judge punished him by sentencing to 5 days in prison.