Paval Sieviaryniets charged with organization actions grossly violating the public order

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Paval Sieviaryniets, the Young Front leader, is accused of organizing actions grossly violating the public order, which occurred after the elections and the referendum.

On 23 March Paval Sieviaryniets received official criminal charges during interrogation. He provided the investigator with a written undertaking not to leave Vitsiebsk, where he is officially registered in his parents' apartment.

The criminal case was initiated by the investigation committee after the events on 18 and 19 October 2004. Then around 5000 people came to Kastrychnitskaya Square to protest against the falsification of the referendum results and of the elections to the Chamber of Representatives. On 18 October participants of the unauthorized meeting went in a procession to the KGB building.

No detentions occurred on that day. On the following day after the international election observers left, special police violently dispersed the street rally. Around one hundred people were arrested. Those under the legal age were released, and around 50 people were arrested to different terms. All of the arrested people were taken to the investigation committee, where they were interrogated as witnesses. Several days before 25 March, interrogations were resumed.

On 22 March investigators brought charges against Mikola Statkievich, the leader of the Social Democrats, and on 23 March, against the leader of the Young Front Paval Sieviaryniets.

Paval Sieviaryniets does not rule out he can be busted as a result of the charges. If the court rules to sentence the opposition activist to a maximum term of imprisonment, he may be put in jail for 3 years. (according to Radio Liberty).