BPF Party prepares a suit against the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Belarus.

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This information has been provided by the BPF Party press-service.
The party intends to appeal against the Justice Ministry letter which illegitimatizes the BPF Party congress that nominated Siarhei Antusievich as a candidate for Parliament in the 52nd Haradnia-Central electoral district. The letter is dated 15 March and signed by A.S.Slizheuski, head of the public associations departments. The letter was received on 17 March. We'd like to remind you that the extraordinary party congress took place on 15 January.
According to Uladzimier Labkovich, chair of the organization and legal commission of the BPF Party, this document does not fall under any act of the current legislation of the Republic of Belarus, "and the new methods of working with the political parties adopted by the Ministry of Justice of Belarus are a source of continuing surprise, to put it mildly". Generally, neither the procedure nor the format of recognizing a party congress as legitimate or illegitimate has so far been established, said Mr. Labkovich.
It should also be noted that the secretary of the Central Commission of the Republic of Belarus for Elections and Referenda Mikalai Lazavik made a statement to the journalists regarding the cancellation of Mr. Antusievich's registration. According to the CEC secretary, "all these fears are ungrounded because the BPF Party representative was running from the party and from electors who have collected one thousand electors. Even when the congress is not recognized by the Ministry of Justice as illegitimate, signatures are still there, and the district commission has no grievances against them".