Journalist Iulia Darashkevich Complains against Riot Squad

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

According to the site of Belarusian Association of Journalists, Iulia Darashkevich, correspondent of Nasha Niva (Our Cornfield) newspaper complained to Hrodna Regional Prosecutor’s Office and the head of Hrodna Leninski Borough Board of Internal Affairs. She complained against the action of the riot squad policemen, who detained her during the action of 10 March in Hrodna. The journalist was making photos, when two policemen in helmets and with truncheons in their hands seized her and led to the bus where the arrested businessmen were kept. The journalist wore her badge and immediately informed the police about her professional state. As a result they lead her to the opposite side of the square, away from the action, and threatened to beat her if she approached the businessmen once again.

In her complaint Iu. Darashkevich stated that the police interfered with her professional duties, violating the law “On press” and “Order #1” about good attitude to citizens, that was signed by the minister of internal affairs Uladzimir Navumau. The journalist demands to punish the persons guilty.